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Within Qredo, the custody rules require an approval for:

  • every transaction created
  • every request to move assets out of a Qredo Wallet (withdrawl).

before it can be completed.

Approvers may be people that exist within the Qredo system who have set up a Personal account and agreed to take on a custody role, aka "trusted parties". These are Signing App approvers whose approvals are managed via the Mobile App. Alternatively, approvers may be automated Signing Agents, programmed to respond within specified constraints to auto-approve or reject transfer requests.

The collection of designated trusted parties forms your trusted network. Every Company (for Partner API) or Organization (for Qredo API) has one or more approvers that approve transactions across Funds and Wallets.

You may choose to let a Wallet inherit its policy, or you can create granular control policies at a level that suits.

Granular control over approvals

Not only does Qredo allow you to customize your approval groups and custody policies, the rulesets by which approvals may be made — such rulesets may be applied at various levels:

Partner API Qredo API
Supported policy level Company Organization
Fund Fund
Wallet Wallet

Or the policy may be inherited from the top level down.

Similarly, for each entity you have the option to customize the trusted network for transactions and withdrawls.

Transactions and withdrawl policies can differ

You may choose to have different a different policy controlling transactions and withdrawls. Learn how to set up policies in the Web App.

Understand how approvals control transactions

See transactions to understand how approvals are part of the transaction flow.

Last update: 2022-12-14