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Within Qredo, the custody rules require an approval for:

  • every transaction created
  • every request to move assets out of a Qredo Wallet (withdrawl).

Approvers may be people that exist within the Qredo system who have set up a Personal account and agreed to take on a custody role, aka "trusted parties". Alternatively, approvers may be automated Signing Agents, programmed to respond within specified constraints to auto-approve or reject transfer requests.

You may choose to let a Wallet inherit its Funds' Policy, or you can create granular control Policies at any level that suits.

Note that, if you attempt to create a Fund before setting up your transaction approval policy, you will receive this warning:

create approval policy

A similar warning will be shown if you create a Fund with no withdrawal approval policy.

Granular control over approvals

Not only does Qredo allow you to customize your approval groups and rulesets by which approvals may be made — such rulesets may be applied at various levels:

  • Organization
  • Fund
  • Wallet/Vault

Understand how approvals control transactions

See transactions to understand how approvals are part of the transaction flow.

Last update: 2022-11-22