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Generate API key and secret

To use the API for Personal and Organization accounts, you must generate an API key and API secret pair in the Qredo Web App.


To generate Qredo API keys, you must have a Qredo account, and for an Organization account, you must have the administrator role.

Generate key

Follow the UI guide to generate keys from the Web App.


Note that calls made using API keys generated for an Organization with no Funds or Wallets will return null data.

It is important to:

Assign permissions to an API key: basic flow

Follow the UI guide to assign permissions to keys from the Web App.


To give you granular control over which services you associate with each API key, you must opt in from those available.

As of the latest version of this guide, the Qredo API v1 key offers:

You are ready to sign API calls.

Last update: 2022-12-16