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  • White-label all the functionality of Qredo Web App and Signing App


This guide introduces the Qredo Partner API. Partner API allows you to perform all operations required to create Wallets and move assets under custody across the Qredo network: similar to the user experience via the Qredo Web App.

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Partner API integrates with the Signing Agent, a programatic approval service that provides all the functionality that is available to an approver of outgoing Wallet transactions on the Qredo Signing app on mobile devices.

Who uses Partner API?

The Partner API enables ISVs, Exchanges, Custodians, and Market Makers to operate the Qredo Network programmatically from their own applications.

Institutions benefit from decentralized custody over digital assets and a customizable custody suite offering granular control over Wallets and their transactions. The Partner API allows institutions to fully rely on Qredo for custody over their digital assets. Once an Organization (your institution's entity within Qredo) deposits assets in their Qredo Wallets, any transaction out of these Wallets undergoes one or more approvals. The API provides custody policies over transaction approvals and Wallets in a modular way that can fit any business requirement, including automating approval according to pre-defined conditions with Signing Agent.

Exchanges may white-label the Qredo product suite to offer Qredo's custody to their own client base. In conjunction with the Signing Agent, the Partner API allows Qredo users to connect one or more of their Qredo Wallets to the exchange (in the Qredo Wallet App). Once connected, the exchange gains control over transactions out of these Wallets, in parallel of the "regular" trusted network of approvers, appointed by the Wallet owner.

Additionally, the exchange can perform sweep transactions that bypasses Wallet approvers to move assets out of these Wallets, i.e. transfer out of a Wallet.

Partner API Overview

The Partner API allows you to perform actions available to the Qredo Wallet user on the Qredo Network, such as:

  • create and manage a company
  • create and manage a trusted network
  • create and manage one or more funds
  • add or remove one or more Wallets in fund
  • perform transactions (transfers and withdrawals)
  • perform atomic swaps

API-generated actions not integrated via the Qredo Web App!

Actions performed in the Partner API are not visible in the Qredo Wallet Web App, and vice-versa. This applies to Funds, Wallets, assets and transaction history.

This is because the Partner API is designed for institutions and exchanges, not for API control over a regular user account.

Last update: 2022-12-14