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Read-only services

Supported in Prerequisites
v1 requirements


  • Reporting service
  • Supports Standard and Connected Wallets


To use the Read-only service, in addition to the basic requirements, you need:

Service overview

The Read-only service provides a reporting service to Qredo customers and their trusted parties. Read-only provides basic information about your:

  • Account
  • Organization
  • Fund
  • Wallet

Because access is controlled through the use of API keys, you can provide these keys to whichever trusted parties need instant access to your vital account information.

Similarly, such keys can be assigned to the entity of your choice:

  • Organization
  • Wallet

This allows you to apply granular control over access to your data.


Read-only's reporting service complements the Standard Wallet and the Connected Wallet, Web3 API Wallet's reporting needs.

Read-only services

The Read-only API provides a suite of endpoints that return data related to Personal and Organizational accounts; Wallets; and Funds.

Endpoint Description Permission
GET /account Get account info. Responses differ for Personal or Organization accounts Read only
GET /balance Get account balance Read only
GET /funds/ Get a list of all account Funds Read only
GET /funds/{fund_id} Get info for a specific Fund Read only
GET /funds/{fund_id}/ledger Get transaction history of a specific Fund Read only
GET /trustedparties Get a list of trusted parties. Works with personal accounts only Read only
GET /wallets/{wallet_id}/history Get transaction history of a specific Wallet Read only

See the Qredo API v1 specification for detailed information on how to use these endpoints.

Last update: 2022-12-16