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Web3 API Wallet services

Supported in Prerequisites
v1 Requirements


  • Supports programmatic generation of DeFi transactions
  • Initiates approval flow through to transaction broadcast-ready
  • Integrates with Signing Agent


In addition to the basic requirements, the following are required to use the Web3 API Wallet service:

  • An Organization with Connected Wallet functionality enabled

    To enable a Connected Wallet, contact [email protected]

  • A Fund with an associated Web3 API Wallet and credits within your Qredo Fee Station.

    While not required, it is recommended that the Web3 API Wallet be set up with multiple approvers. Such approvers may be active at the level of Organization or Wallet; also they may be trusted parties or automated Signing Agents.

Service overview

The Web3 API Wallet is a Connected Wallet service that allows Qredo customers to create transactions from L1 Wallets on any supported network while benefiting from Qredo's secure custody suite.

Transaction support

Qredo API v1 supports Type 0, 1, and 2 (EIP-1559) transactions. Learn more in the Knowledge Base.

Because access is controlled through the use of API keys, you can provide these keys to whichever trusted parties may create and approve transactions.

Similarly, such keys can be assigned to the entity of your choice:

  • Organization
  • Wallet

This allows you to apply granular control over custody of your assets.



The Web3 API Wallet supports the allowlisting of addresses to control where assets may be sent.

Learn more in the help center.


Fulfill your compliance and audit reporting requirements using the Read-only reporting service.

Signing Agent

The Web3 transaction service works together with the Signing Agent to automate the approval flow according to your customized ruleset.

Web3 API services

The Web3 API Wallet service provides endpoints that support the functionality required to carry out transactions and view a transaction's status for this class of Connected Wallet. Transactions submitted via this Web3 API Wallet will also be available from the Qredo Web App interface.

Endpoint Description Permission
POST /transaction Submit a transaction for signing and approval Write access
GET /transactions/{tx_id}/approvals Get approvals' status for a specific transaction Read only
GET /transactions/{tx_id}/status Get status of a specific transaction Read only
Get /transactions/feed Websocket feed of status of transactions. Read only

See the Qredo API v1 specification for detailed information on how to use these endpoints.

Service Use Cases

1. Sign transactions for asset transfers

POST /transaction allows trusted parties to create a new transaction, send it for approval, and receive it back, broadcast-ready.

Learn more about transactions

2. Sign smart contract interactions

POST/transaction allows trusted parties to create a new instruction to a smart contract, send it for approval, and receive it back broadcast-ready.

Set value to "0" if no assets are transferred as a result of this request.

3. View approval status of a transaction

Two endpoints provide approval status:

  • Get /transactions/feed provides a summary of the approval status for a transaction

  • GET /transactions/{tx_id}/approvals provides the details of a specific transaction based on the transaction ID.

Create a Web3 API Wallet

Once you have Connected Wallet permission enabled, you may add the Web3 API Wallet from within an Organization account via the Qredo Web App.


Personal accounts do not support Web3 API Wallets.

  1. Follow the instructions to add a Connected Wallet.

  2. Follow the instructions to select a Web3 API Wallet.

    Select an approval policy

    Setting an approval policy is a key step in creating secure custody over your assets.

  3. Ensure your Qredo Station is topped up.

    Learn more about Qredo Station

    More information about fees is available in the help center.

Programmatic control

Remember to create API keys and customize their access over your Web3 API Wallet.

Last update: 2022-12-20