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Generate API keys

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Web App v1 Qredo API
Signing Agent

This page guides you to select the desired account, generate API keys, and assign permissions to those keys.


  • You have an admin role over a Qredo account
  • You are signed into the Web App

Select the account

  1. Navigate Account > Settings to select the required account: Personal or Organization

    See the UI guide for help switching accounts.

Generate and copy the key

  1. Under Settings, select the API tab.

    api tab

  2. In the bottom right corner, click Create API Key to open a box that requires you to enter a new API name.

    create key

  3. Enter a functional name for the API key and click Create. Copy the API key and API secret displayed.


Ensure secure storage of your API secret, as you will not be able to visualize it again. There is no way to recover a lost secret. If a key is lost, repeat steps 1–3 to generate a new API key and API secret pair.

Assign permissions to an API key

  1. From the hamburger menu, select Permissions.

    assign permissions

  2. Assign the permissions you require for that key and save.

    slider permissions


To give you granular control over which services you associate with each API key, you must opt in from those available. Learn more in the Knowledge Base.

Last update: 2022-12-17