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Administration of your trusted network

Applies to Supports
Web App v1 Qredo API
Signing Agent

This page guides you to edit your trusted network from the Web App. You may add:

  • A Signing App user: a person who makes approvals via the Mobile App
  • A Signing Agent: an automated approver


  • You have an admin role over a Qredo account
  • You are signed into the Web App

Add a member to your trusted network

  1. Navigate Account > Settings

    See the UI guide for help switching accounts.

  2. Navigate to the tab Members & Roles, and click Add Member (bottom right).

    Enter the registered email address associated with the Qredo account.

    Enter the agentID or the Signing Agent's user-assigned name.

    Add Member2

  3. Click Review Organization

Policy members

Members of trusted networks must be added to policies to be approvers. Either you add trusted members when you create a policy or you can update an existing policy to include them.

Last update: 2022-12-14