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Retrieve user's balance

At this stage you have your API Key and API secret and you have learned how to sign API requests, so you can begin with the User API.

Use GET /balance to view the current balance per asset of your Qredo user.

Organization connected wallets not returned with GET /balance

Please note that returned balances do not include info about assets residing in connected wallets of organizations.

Example request: GET /balance

This example retrieves the current balance of your Qredo user.

curl -X 'GET' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'qredo-api-sig: U8Gmm********************************B9uno0' \
  -H 'qredo-api-ts: 1647356399' \
  -H 'qredo-api-key: MH**********iQ'

No body parameters are sent with this request.

Example response: GET /balance

A successful response returns an object containing an short overview of user's current balance per asset.

  "assets": {
    "[asset type, e.g. BTC or ETH]": {
      "total": "[total value of assets per asset type, presented in base units]",
      "available": "[total unlocked value of asset]",
      "pendingIn": "[total value of inbound transfers pending approval]",
      "pendingOut": "[total value of outbound transfers pending approval]",
      "scale": "[the base units per asset type: *satoshis* per BTC, *gweis* per ETH]"

Additional notes

  • The total balance equals available balance plus pendingIn minus pendingOut:
    total = available + pendingIn - pendingOut

  • pendingIn includes inbound transactions from atomic swaps that require user's approval.

  • pendingOut includes all outbound transactions from atomic swaps and transferring out of assets.

Last update: 2022-06-03