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You are in the right place to understand more about Qredo's products and services, use these pages to drill down and understand Qredo core concepts.

What is Qredo?

Qredo is a protocol, a network, and a platform.

  1. At its foundation, Qredo is an MPC-based (multi-party computation) asset custody protocol, addressing the core custody challenges of private key storage and access control while minimising counterparty risk through a novel implementation of MPC.
  2. Qredo also functions as an institutional-grade clearing and settlement network for digital assets, solving challenges associated with crosschain asset movements.
  3. Finally, Qredo serves as a platform for organisations of all sizes, offering users a platform to support their digital asset operations and developers a partner to build their business on.

How does it work?

Qredo secures keys and signatures using a distributed MPC (Multi-Party Computation) network running on TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments) and governs its operations via QredoChain.

QredoChain is a purpose-built Tendermint application that uses network consensus to secure state transitions and MPC signatures.

This design allows users or developers to represent ownership and define rules (Policies) to govern keys and assets without relying on a central party.

Qredo's architecture circumvents typical issues in asset custody, such as centralizing access control in databases, relying on rigid smart contracts, or requiring users to run critical software. Simultaneously, it provides comparable security properties and assurances.