New versions of the Qredo API and Signing Agent are now available! To get started, just contact us here.
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Get an API key and secret

A new version of the Qredo API is now available! Our dedicated team of crypto experts can get you started with Qredo’s Next Generation APIs in minutes — just contact us here.


This guide explains how generate an API key and secret for the Qredo API.

Get an API key and secret

Take these steps in the Qredo Web App:

  1. If you aren't registered yet, Create a Qredo profile.
  2. Create a Workspace.
  3. Navigate to Workspace settings.
  4. Click Create API key. If this option isn't visible to you, just contact us here.
  5. Select the Read/Write access.
  6. Click Create API key.
  7. Copy and save your API key and secret.

You won't be able to view your API secret after closing the last screen. Make sure to take a copy of it. Learn how to securely store your API secret and other sensitive data: Security best practices

To generate your first API key, you need to create a Workspace in the Qredo Web App. However, after you get your API key and meet other prerequisites, you'll be able to create new Workspaces and API keys programmatically. Learn more: Manage Workspaces

What's next?

To start using the API, you also need to get an authentication token.

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