New versions of the Qredo API and Signing Agent are now available! To get started, just contact us here.
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A new version of the Qredo API is now available! Our dedicated team of crypto experts can get you started with Qredo’s Next Generation APIs in minutes — just contact us here.



The Qredo API allows you to programmatically create and approve Web3 transactions.

The API duplicates the functionality of the Qredo Web App, so you can minimize interactions with the Web App and communicate with Qredo using just the API.

This API is a standard RESTful web service that uses HTTPS. All payloads and responses are in JSON format.

Who uses the Qredo API?

Our users are companies and developers requiring a programmatic integration with Qredo to implement intuitive white-label and dApp integrations to transact over Web3.

Key features

  • Sending and approving Web3 transactions

  • Managing Workspaces and Portfolios

  • Governance management: Policies and Whitelists

  • Creating and configuring Wallets

  • Full compatibility with the Qredo Web App

  • Compatibility with the Signing Agent

Base URL

The Qredo API is available on Production with the following base URL:

API key and secret

To start using the API, you need to generate an API key and secret in the Qredo Web App.

Learn more: Get an API key and secret


To authenticate requests, you need to get an authentication token and pass it as x-token in the request header.

Learn more: Get an authentication token


You can approve transactions and other requests programmatically (without the Signing App). There are two ways to do it: either with the Signing Agent or just with the Qredo API.

Approving with the Signing Agent and with the Qredo API is basically the same: in both cases requests are retrieved through a WebSocket feed and approved with a BLS signature. However, the Signing Agent performs most of the steps automatically out of the box.

Lean more: Approve requests