New versions of the Qredo API and Signing Agent are now available! To get started, just contact us here.
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Qredo: Self-custody solutions

Your Qredo account acts as a gateway to a rich ecosystem of API-first DeFi and Web3 products and services.

Qredo's secure Wallets enable everyone, from institutions to individual users, to trade digital assets under custody and removes the vulnerabilities associated with a single private key. By applying multi-party computation (MPC) and leveraging a fully-customizable custody suite, Qredo's customers are empowered to trade across Web3 with confidence.

While the base product suite is available from the Qredo Web App and custody-controlled signing from the Mobile App, Qredo is committed to providing builders with an API-first service.

Available products

New versions of the Qredo API and the Signing Agent are now available! Our dedicated team of crypto experts can get you started with Qredo’s Next Generation APIs in minutes — just contact us here.

Qredo API

The Qredo API allows you to send and approve Web3 transactions and manage your Workspace. It replaces the Qredo API and Partner API.

Signing Agent

Signing Agent enables you to automate the approval or rejection of transactions according to your customized rulesets.


Qredo v1

Qredo v1 includes the Qredo API v1, the Partner API, and the Signing Agent v1. These tools are now deprecated and replaced with the new Qredo API and Signing Agent.

You can find the legacy documentation here: Qredo v1 developer documentation


QSign is a tool allowing you to manage funds and assets on different chains from one single account.