New versions of the Qredo API and Signing Agent are now available! To get started, just contact us here.
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Signing Agent


A new version of the Signing Agent is now available! Our dedicated team of crypto experts can get you started with Qredo’s Next Generation APIs in minutes — just contact us here.

The current version of the Signing Agent is configured to automatically approve all transactions. If you want to apply custom rulesets, you will have to adjust the code.


  • The Signing Agent is a programmable service for automating the approval or rejection of transactions
  • It integrates with the Qredo API and major cloud service providers
  • You can deploy the Signing Agent either on premise or in the cloud
  • We recommend deploying multiple Signing Agents with separate API keys
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With the Signing Agent you can create a programmable approver service to automate the approval or rejection of transactions according to your customized rulesets. Using the service speeds up the approval process and relieves the demand on human Members, who make approvals through the Qredo Signing App on their mobile.

A Signing Agent becomes a programmatic member of your custody group. It listens to incoming approval requests over WebSockets and performs automated custody. An approval by a Signing Agent equates to one approval by a human member.

The Signing Agent service uses a dedicated subset of the Qredo API for fetching, approving, and rejecting transactions pending custody. It can operate as a standalone service (exposing a RESTful API to 3rd party applications), or as a library integrated into an application.

Who uses the Signing Agent?

The Signing Agent is used by companies and developers requiring:

  • High volume and high velocity
    Together, the Qredo API and the Signing Agent enable dApp developers, fund managers, and other high-volume, high-velocity transaction entities to programmatically create and approve transactions. All while maintaining custody over your digital assets.
  • dApps
    Using the Signing Agent with the Qredo API, you can support the automation of approvals through intuitive integration with your third-party dApp.


The Signing Agent's functionality integrates with the Qredo API and major cloud service providers: AWS, GCP, OCI.

Best practices

We recommend the following:

  • Deploying the Signing Agent either on premise (on your infrastructure) or in the cloud
  • Deploying multiple Signing Agent instances (preferably on different cloud infrastructures) in order to set a threshold with multiple approvers, such as 2 of 5, 3 out of 5, and so on.
  • Associating every Signing Agent instance with a different API key
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