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Manage Workspaces


This guide explains how to create and manage Workspaces programmatically.


Before you start, take these steps:

  1. Get an API key.
  2. Get an authentication token.
  3. If you wish to create a Workspace programmatically, associate your API key with the Signing Agent (see Steps 2–4) or BLS and EC keys.

Create a Workspace programmatically

Creating a Workspace programmatically isn't required for working with the Qredo API. In most cases, it's fine to use the Workspace you created in the Web App. So, unless you need to manage multiple Workspaces through the API, you can safely skip this section.

To generate your first API key, you need to create a Workspace in the Qredo Web App. However, after getting your API key and authentication token, you can create new Workspaces programmatically.

Note that we recommend associating each Workspace with a dedicated API key, as shown in Step 2. You may also wish to invite a human Member to your Workspace — see Step 3.

Step 1: Create a Workspace

Please note that this step requires associating your API key with the Signing Agent (see Steps 2–4) or BLS and EC keys.

The reason is that by default your API key will be the only Member of the Workspace. It'll be automatically added as a Member (Approver) to the default Transaction Policy, so it needs to meet the prerequisites for signing requests.

To create a new Workspace, call Create a workspace:

  1. Body parameters: In the body, specify the Workspace name:

      "name": "my-workspace"
  2. Authentication: Pass the auth token as x-token in the request header.

  3. Result: Copy the returned workspaceID.

Step 2: Create an API key

You can access the new Workspace with the API key you initially used for creating it. However, we recommend associating each Workspace with a separate API key.

To create an API key, call Create an API key in a Workspace.

Step 3: Add a human Member

When you create a Workspace programmatically, its only Member is the API key that was used to create it. If you create a new API key, as shown in the previous step, it'll be automatically added as a Member as well.

You can also invite a human Member or multiple Members to your Workspace. To do that, call Invite members to a workspace and pass their emails and roles to assign.

Configure a Workspace

Coming soon.

Create an EVM transaction