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Get an authentication token


To authenticate Qredo API requests, you need to pass an authentication token as x-token in the request header. This guide explains how to get and refresh the token.


Before you start, take these steps in the Qredo Web App:

  1. Get an API key and secret.

  2. Navigate to your Workspace and copy the Workspace ID from the URL:{workspaceID}

Step 1: Get an auth token

You'll need an authentication token to authenticate Qredo API requests.

To get this token, call the Get a JWT authentication token endpoint with HMAC authentication based on your API secret:


HMAC authentication is an authentication technique that uses a hash function in combination with a secret key. To authenticate your request with HMAC, you need to execute code that creates a HMAC signature using your API secret.

You can use one of our code examples: the JavaScript example or the Postman example.

Follow the instructions before the preferred example to prepare it for usage. You'll need to specify your Workspace ID from Prerequisites and the API key and secret. Then run the example and copy the authentication token.

Step 2: Refresh your token

Your authentication token will expire in 1 hour. You can just generate a new one – see Step 1. Alternatively, you can refresh your token:

Call Refresh a JWT authentication token:

  1. Query parameters:

  2. Authentication: Pass the auth token obtained in Step 1 as x-token in the request header.

  3. Result: The endpoint will return a new token. Copy it and use to authenticate your requests.

What's next?

Now you're ready to use the Qredo API:

Get an API key and secret