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  • Automate transaction signing
  • Avoid approver fatigue

Service overview

Signing Agent enables you to automate the approval or rejection of transactions according to your customized rulesets.

Signing Agent becomes a programmatic member of your custody group. From the perspective of your custody policies, an automated approval by a Signing Agent equates to one approval by a (human) trusted party. Signing Agent speeds up the approval process and relieves the demand on trusted parties who make approvals through the Qredo Signing App on their mobile.

Signing Agent uses a dedicated subset of the Partner API for fetching, approving, and rejecting transactions pending custody.


Partner API
Connected Wallets

Who uses Signing Agent?

Signing Agent is used by companies and developers requiring:

Together, the transaction creation API, Web3 API, and Signing Agent enable dApp developers, fund managers, and other high-volume, high-velocity transaction entities to programmatically create and approve transactions. All while maintaining custody over your digital assets.

Signing Agent complements the full white-label product, Partner API, and the expanding microservices of Qredo API. Using either, you can support the automation of approvals through intuitive integration with your third-party App.


Signing Agent is v2 of the Core Client providing a much-simplified implementation.

Last update: 2022-12-17