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Welcome to the Qredo Signing Agent v2.

Signing Agent v1 is deprecated

As of Q4 2022, Signing Agent v2 replaces v1: Core Client.


To use the Signing Agent, you must have a:

Enable testnet assets

While not mandatory, Qredo strongly recommends you perform API tests using testnet assets. A Sandbox account is used for integration testing and only uses testnet assets.

  • A Qredo entity controlling a Fund

Integration overview

A new Signing Agent is created via the Partner API. Each Signing Agent receives a unique identifier. This ID can be added to the 'members' group and included in the custody policy:custodygroup_withdraw and/or the custodygroup_tx for an entity.

As Signing Agent uses a subset of the Partner API, this, and the following pages, will guide you through the required steps.

Step 1: Initiate integration with Partner API


Each link will open in a new tab to allow you to return here once the flow is complete.

  1. Meet all the requirements to use the Partner API.

    You will create a Qredo Account and enable Partner API access.

  2. Generate the API keys:

    Three major outcomes must be achieved:

  3. (Optional) set up testnet assets.

    This is optional for the Production Web App and Production environment. Testnet assets are used by default in the Sandbox environment.

Step 2: Deploy Signing Agent

Next, you will work with the Docker image and Signing Agent configuration file to instigate a self-served restAPI service to register your Signing Agent with Partner API.

This Step generates an agent ID which may be added alongside, or in place of, trusted parties in your custody policy.

Step 3: Implement your Signing Agent

Ensure you have the required entities

A Signing Agent becomes part of your custody group according to your policy requirements. This means that to implement Signing Agent, you must have the governing entity set up and determine which level you wish to apply custody policies to.

Partner API Qredo API
Entity Name Company Organization
Supported policy level Company Organization
Fund Fund
Wallet Wallet

Last update: 2022-12-20